This is SuperSlavisWife’s non-family-friendly blog for illustrating and deconstructing leftist arguments. I will try and not swear much, but the content itself is not family-friendly, so there is no point dressing it up.

SuperSlavisWife does not wholly ascribe to any ideology, and views herself as “ex-everything”. Ex-feminist, ex-Marxist, ex-nazi, ex-conservative, ex-liberal, ex-atheist, etc. She does associate with certain demographics more than others, due to them being more ready to interact with her, more than by active choice. This means she is not writing from the perspective of defending and upholding someone else’s ideology, but rather from the perspective of criticizing the intellectually weak that are taking over our society.

She is a tutor, writer and translator, and right now the vast majority of her income now comes from writing MA and PhD theses, academic studies and even books for leftists who are too idle and ignorant to write their own work. She has never had to write a whole Biology PhD student’s dissertation, but she can churn out a Marxist Film Theory From An Ethical Vegan Perspective PhD dissertation in a day, for an obscene amount of money. And, unsurprisingly, the same people who believe that not eating meat gives you a moral high ground and that all gender disparities are down to patriarchy are the most likely to pay you $100s to do their work for them, all whilst scrounging for scraps of leftist baristas’ income on their personal “Male Tears” style blog. Shock and horror.

For traditionalist homemaker, crunchy radical, sort of conservative material that is accessible for most of the family, expletive-free and generally positive, visit YourWifeIsEvolving.

For the drama, stay tuned.