7 Things I Learned About Syrian Refugees From Talking To Them.

Leftists like to use humanitarian issues to make themselves seem more conscientious and to say pleasantries that will get them likes and favourites online. Now, this isn’t solely the territory of the left. Before I continue, I would like to say that some right wing areas are affected by this, such as the pro-life supporters who will use premature babies or images of abortions to derive an emotional response from their social media friends, or the armchair politicians who will use unrelated incidents and pretty pictures to promote Trump, for example. A photo of a premature baby saying “I could have been aborted” or a picture of Trump with his arm around a model have as little to do with the abortion or POTUS debates as a picture of a dead black person has to do with the police discrimination debate. Nor do they offer tangible support for the causes the same way activism via ralleys, protests, public debates, writing or fund raising do. None of these practices further a cause, contribute to debate or challenge perspectives. They’re just designed to get a pat of approval from their seniors and peers. Thus, the lowest of every ideology and group can and do share around a news story to push their ideology without having to present a real argument or get off their butts and do something.

That said, this article will focus on an argument almost completely overtaken by the left: Syrian refugees. People escaping war zones (and sometimes Turkey] to seek a better life in the West (and sometimes to harass western women, their own women and their own children]. Of course the leftists are all forgetting about it now and focusing on PETA’s exploration of pet store practices and Donald Trump’s unprecedented support. But the fact is that there are still refugees seeking asylum from what is essentially the worst situation a nation can find itself in, and these people are still making their efforts to integrate and live among us. The left has dominated the argument, telling us everything from what we should think to what we should say or do, reminding us that these refugees are basically pre-western Muslims and that they will soon become liberal, democratic and socialist.

But, from actually talking to a few, a different picture is painted. Here are seven things I have learned about Syrian refugees from actual refugees’ observations about the West.

1: They hate leftists.

“Women here don’t cook at all. I have met one woman who cooks, one old woman. Other women they order take out or buy sandwiches. In my country, every woman cooks. All girls cook.”

Sorry leftists, but all your love, “refugees welcome” and letting them live in your homes is for nothing at all. Deep down, they despise you.

A Syrian refugee I spoke to and the other refugees he associates with despise leftism. They believe men should be men and women should be women. They admire women like me who work from home, are married young, want to have children and look after their homes. They are disgusted by women who cannot cook or clean, who do not marry until after 30 and who do not prioritize children.

Likewise, they admire men who are big and strong, who go to the gym, who control their sexual urges, who love and respect femininity, who look forward to marriage. They are disgusted by small, bearded hipsters who let masculine women walk all over them and are addicted to lattes.

They do not like how our governments are ran, how our universities act, how young women get drunk at night alone, how we dress slack, how we walk on eggshells and get “triggered” by nothing, how we disregard religion and God. They hate the left as a whole.

2: We are too stressed.

“When I came here I had never heard of depression, it does not exist in Syria. I had not met one person who had it. Here everyone is depressed or stressed or bipolar. Many other refugees were well until they got to England, then they were diagnosed with depression.”

Life in Syria was hard even before the revolutions. It was not the best country to live in, with military presence, governmental control and religious enforcement, not to mention the mess being caused by the West’s oil missions. But even through that, they did not experience mental illness. That’s not to say nobody had it. And of course some people with underlying symptoms would not have been diagnosed. But, as a whole, the people of Syria grit their teeth and carried on with life through bombs and terror threats and military invasions.

Many of them were also fine as long as they were living somewhere like Turkey or Hungary or France. Separation from their families was hard, but they felt fine. Crossing the British border is a turning point for many. The terrible weather, vitamin D deficiency, the impersonal and cold interactions and the highly pressurised work environment take their toll and many of them are still on antidepressants and supplement cocktails to try and help them. Our lifestyle is just terrible for mental health.

3: They respect CANDOs.

“I have respect for hippies, the old hippies. They acted on their principles. They turned against the things they hated and lived freely. I have a lot of respect for that.”

So who do they respect, if not the weak leftists who let them in to begin with? Well, they like the people I have termed CANDOs, that is “can do”, “can and do”. The people who get out there and actively chase what they want, get what they want, whatever it is. They have respect for old hippies who lived off-grid, for 20-something women who balance family and work healthily, for men who create great inventions, for devoted grandmothers, for inspired teachers, intensive writers and even the average Joes who go out and are the best they can be at their regular, run-of-the-mill jobs.

The YOLO crowd have nothing on a lumberjack who works up to owning his own company. A Strong Independent Woman has nothing on a young mother of three. The hipster blogger has nothing on the self-publishing, self-reliant writer. The people waving “refugees welcome” signs have nothing on hippies in shanty town retreats. If you get off your butt and do something with your life, whatever your angle or ideology, they respect you.

4: We are wasteful and ignorant.

No specific quotes here, but over the course of our conversations I have discovered that most Syrian refugees are confused by our wastefulness.

We waste time. One man works long days every day, only having time for lessons after seven or eight at night. He gives his job his all. And he is confused as to why we don’t in the West.

We waste food. We will buy more food than we need and throw it away. They were horrified to find out how much of our crops goes to waste before even making it to the supermarkets. We just throw away things that most of the rest of the world would kill for.

We waste land. One was also confused that not many people grow food in the UK. He initially seemed to be assuming we could not grow most plants and was surprised to find out the varieties of brassicas and squash we can grow. The idea that we would focus on wheat, import vegetables and not grow our own vegetables in our gardens made no sense.

We waste money. Seeing how much British people earn, they were not particularly impressed by the way we throw it all down the drain on devices, clothes and ready meals.

5: We do more than we need to.

“Your country, it has done me, all of us, a great favour. In Jordan refugees live in concentration camps. They are not allowed to walk around, they must wait for deportation. In Saudi Arabia they are not allowed in. You are doing far more than you need to.”

Even though they do not like the leftists or anything they represent, they are incredibly grateful to our government for what has been done for them. They know and have seen that even their own bretheren feel no responsibility to help them. This means that they are genuinely, deeply grateful to be allowed to work for IT companies and even waste disposal companies in a wealthy nation, as opposed to sweeping streets or being kept in prison cells in a developing neighbour nation.

The things that the leftists insist are the bare minimum, the things they say these refugees could not live without, the things they say are human rights in all but name… they didn’t even know they were an option. The refugees are just happy to be not living in a concentration camp and would actually understand if we had to cut funding to the causes that help them. We are doing far more than we need to do.

6: They despise Sharia adherents and criminals.

“We would not tolerate that. In my country, their hands would be cut off.”

Finally something the leftists are right about! No, they are not all supporters of the rape of slutty, drunk white women. They might think the women are childishly irresponsible and the parents deserve to be whipped, but they also think the rapists need to be punished.

If they were able to, they would not stand for self-assigned 20-something “Sharia officials” attacking girls on the streets of Birmingham, child sex rings or other criminal activities. They would not stand for the sort of rubbish that leftists are constantly ignoring or excusing. Sure, they would not stand for sluttish behaviour, gambling, drinking or single motherhood either. But most of them in no way want to return to Sharia, and definitely will not pardon crimes just because they were carried out by their religious and ethnic bretheren.

7: They want Syria.

Again, no specific quotes, but gathered from various conversations. A lot of leftists seem to think that a Syrian refugee is a leftist, socialist-voting, democracy-supporting, atheist or secular progressive in the making. Nothing could be further from the truth. They do not like the way our society is.

They want women to marry young and have many healthy children.

They want men to work hard and be able to support a family on a single salary.

They want education to focus on the basics and move everyone towards specific jobs.

They want religion to be more accepted and closely followed, preferably Islam.

They want women to care for their homes.

They want men to be practical and productive.

In short, they reminisce about Syria. They did not like the regime, or the war, or the soldiers, or the fuel fights, or the poverty. But the version of the West they want to live in is closer to 1930 than 2016.

In conclusion, Syrian refugees are, shockingly, nothing like the leftists like to pretend. Sure, they aren’t the violent masses of rapists and murderers that some overly emotional right-wingers wanted. But neither are they lovers of leftism, freedom, democracy or individualism. They are not future candidates for the left at all. But, as long as depression and disappointment don’t chase them away from our countries or towards Sharia law, they just might be the start of the West’s turn back towards traditionalism. Well done leftists, well done.


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