The Leftist Paradox.

Lefists are a constant ball of paradoxes.

They are Strong and Independent, yet they demand constant assistance in becoming independent. Apparently they need to be constantly supported in order to be independent, only as long as it’s faceless taxpayers and not their neighbours.

They are a cult of individuals, collective individualists each of which worships themselves only, believes they are unique, yet demands to be surrounded by other cultists and make people adhere to their cult.

They eagerly proclaim they wish to help people, but reject any movement which would cause real change and deny the roots of social issues in favour of institutional bogeymen.

They wish to be a part of things only in as far as being a part of them, never considering the work or the culture behind them.

It’s all about appearances. It’s all about face. They don’t want to be independent: they just don’t want to ask their mother for a handout in fron of their friends, or live on their husband’s income. They don’t want to be individuals: they just want to be acknowledged as individuals and live in a society that enforces no rules on them. They do not want a society at all: they want a support group for their ego. They do not want to be a part of gaming, or sci-fi, or the banking system: they just want to stop everyone else from having a functional culture and society. Because the thing they fear the most is people with a working culture and a working society, who will impose rules on them and mock them for their weakness.

Leftists are only a paradox as long as you believe they stand for anything but their own ego.


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