10 Things I Learned Writing For Leftist Academia.

As has already been stated, the author of this blog is a hired writer for a living. And for a while now, since around December last year, writing has taken over her every other freelance field in terms of income by quite a margin. What is this leap due to? Lazy leftist students and academics pursuing easy degrees, of course. Here are 10 observations I have made from writing leftist theses, dissertations and even studies and academic books for a living.

1: Laziness is left-leaning.

Hate to break it to you, but I can count on no hands the number of biology, mathematics or physics PhD dissertations I have had to write. Sure, I get the odd one who needs me to proof read it, or who feels a professional writer could present it in a more attractive way. But they have written 40-100 pages of work and just need a second eye to make sure it’s cool. On the other hand, it would take me all day to list the leftist and social science academic works I have written from scratch. Further to the point, even when I get someone whose essay is in something like ecology or geography, typically they are a leftist high school student or undergraduate who does not want to do any research for a “hard” subject or module they have been forced to take.

2: And they are tardy.

And laziness is expressed in many other ways. They procrastinate buying the essay, not daring come to me until a day before it’s due. They then demand that it be done tomorrow, but it takes a day to get the essay question out of them and work out pricing. Then they apply for an extension and I have to wait again until it’s granted. They are the slowest buyers I ever have.

3: Yes, it’s laziness.

“But oh noes,” the leftists cry, “it can’t be that! No! They must be poor trans womyn of colour who are just so exhausted by working fifty jobs, studying in an evil cishet patriarchal environment and dealing with white professors that disregard their individual nuances!”

Sorry, but it’s laziness. I generally ask my students and clients what sort of grades they get and why they need my help. The usual response: “I can’t be bothered, I want to go to a few more parties, there’s a lot of reading involved, I was up late watching Netflix, I don’t like this module, the deadline is close and I just can’t make it, I’m not a pro like you!” Yes, it’s laziness. By their own admission.

4: …when it isn’t stupidity.

Of course there is another reason why they outsource it, though. They are literally too dim to understand the subject. There are many reasons for these people being in academia, where they do not belong, but the main one is: student loans do not discriminate people who can survive university from people who do not. An example was an individual who had only read Marx’s “Das Capital I” yet felt an MA in Marxist Economics would be easy as it was more social science than finance. It was nowhere near easy enough and they were failing due to not understanding basic concepts such as “human resources are also capital” and “income for labour is driven by the demand and not the supply”, which even full-throttle communists can handle when they have the brain power. This poor person was in over their head because they couldn’t get work on their BS, I mean BA, in Marxist Societies or whatever it was, and their loans company decided to further exploit them.

5: Their academic fields and ideologies are ridiculously simple.

“But, but, but…” the leftists whine, “Marxist Economics is hard. Super duper hard! Not everyone can understand it.”

Bitch please. I wrote that person’s essays in two hours each, with no degree in any Marxist field, using just the internet for resources, getting them close to full marks each time. It’s easy. I will probably be writing their thesis soon as well, and that might take me an afternoon. If a 22 year old university dropout whose only resource is the internet can adequately answer your MA supervisor’s questions in two hours, then it’s not hard. It’s very, very simple.

6: It’s worse the higher up you get.

As I said, I do sometimes write low-level essays in fields such as biology or economics for high school students or university students for whom it’s a minor, obligatory module. But you’d at least expect that the higher up you get in leftist academia, the fewer problems there are in general, the smarter the people are, the less lazy, the more complicated the subject matter…

But you couldn’t be further from the truth. Leftist academia seems to be a filter system where the scum is indeed what rises to the top. PhDs are more likely to have not done any work, to have emotional meltdowns, to be ignorant of their entire subject and to be generally dumb than MAs. MAs are more likely than BAs. And BAs are more likely than high school students. It’s almost as though the people who keep going back to study the same jobless field aren’t the brightest ones…

7: They are either entitled or existentially depressed.

And unsurprisingly, when you take people who are dim, lazy and in over their heads, it doesn’t do their psychological health any favours. On the one hand you get the entitled ones: people who have had life handed to them on a silver platter and demand constant approval and reassurance to keep going. You do anything they don’t like in an essay and they will try and withhold payment, give you bad reviews or send you a massive rant. Of course they always come crawling back, because nobody else does the job as well as I do. But they are outraged whenever anyone does something that hurts their feelings. Some of these people are 40-something grown-ass men and women, studying a second PhD, who bought their way through all their education, yet can’t handle the suggestion that Scarlett O’Hara might be a white woman.

On the other hand you get the ones who have realized it’s all a farce. I have had clients talking to me over Skype, in tears because they genuinely can’t make sense of what their supervisor or lecturer wants them to do, considering leaving university and living with their parents, genuinely terrified about the amount of debt this fruitless MA has accumulated, all for nothing. They are too deep to escape, but not deep enough to be blinded by the general ignorance of the field.

8: Affirmative Action programs create victims.

And those depressed students? Almost all minorities. Homosexual, black, oriental, trans*, low income, physically or mentally disabled… These are people who were doing really well when you consider the grade average for their demographic. So the obvious thing was that universities that they did not qualify for had accepted them on grounds of their demographic. Imagine for a moment you are a straight-Bs student. You’re doing great, headed to a university that offers B-grade courses that you would ace. But hey! You’re a Pontipine!

There aren’t a lot of Pontipines in A-grade universities, so they have programs under which the best performing Pontipines can get in. You’re the best performing Pontipine in the whole country. So you get put into an A-grade course at an A-grade university.

Suddenly you’re surrounded by Wottingers, all whom have an average grade of A.

And now you’re failing the A-grade course, your lecturers are ignoring you and assuming you are a Token who will drop out, you’re wondering where it all went wrong, wondering if Pontipines really are that dumb and spending half your life trying not to be a stereotype. I bet that feels great.

9: They spend all the money they have.

Make no mistake: leftists are poor.

Especially compared to their science counterparts.

So why are these impoverished people spending so much money on outsourcing their degree? Well, because they have to. Their options are wasted years, no degree and debt, or wasted years, debt and a degree. They are willing to literally throw money at their problems until they go away, even if it completely bankrupts them.

10: They are not exceptions.

“Well,” say the leftists, “I am sure there are some people like that, but most of us are smart, hardworking people taking difficult, challenging, socially important courses on our own!”

Again, you’re wrong. I am one person, yet I receive enough essay requests each week that I can keep seven or eight friends and associates in business with my rejects. And the vastest majority of them are leftist academics. I am nowhere near the top search results for “write my essay” or “buy essay”, yet I get countless requests a month, from leftist academics. There are 199,000,000 results for “write my essay” and the whole first page is completely essay-selling companies. There are 159,000,000 results for “buy essays”. Something is keeping these companies afloat. And it isn’t sciences. I am on the mailing list for a few of them, was on the board of a few as well, and was a member of various websites where buyers submit essays and writers write them, first-come-first-serve style. And guess who dominated these companies’ buyers? Engineers. Ha ha, no, seriously: leftist academics. I have written PhD dissertations and articles currently under peer-review to enter leftist academic journals. I have written essays for highschoolers who got bored of their favourite pat-on-the-head-from-teacher is a subject.

It’s endemic. If you are in a class on Marxist Film Theory with twenty people and you have never bought an essay, chances are eighteen of your comrades will eventually outsource work, fifteen of them have bought something and five of them rely entirely on other people’s work. And your field doesn’t matter: I have had radical feminist PhD’s asking me to write about Women’s Bodies As Capital, communist highschoolers asking me to compensate for their laziness with languages and liberal democrat literature MAs asking me to read a 10 page story because they can’t be bothered.

This is not the exception: it is increasingly the norm.


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